We strive for

Become the cleanest infrastructure builder

with the goal of reducing our footprint to zero

Be in the frontline in the development of the next generations digital company who support the development of local business


Gassecry consist of group of entrepreneurs who started Gassecry in November 2017 by acquiring a military surveillance bunker in Överkalix, located about 90km north of Luleå.
Today Gassecry has several data centers and is staffed by committed co-workers who constantly searches for solutions to improve the business and solutions that can be connected to the core business. During the construction of the first sites. it became eminent that there is a lack of network provider in northern Sweden.
This has led to Gassecry’s vision of an independent Internet- Backbone, which in return makes the Geoscale model possible.


Edge Datacenter

By developing small edge datacenters we can use sites where there are available electricity and potential to reuse all of the heat


With our own Internet Backbone we are creating a fast-, high quality connection between our sites

Immersion cooling

By using immersed cooling we can connect to existing heating solutions to sell reused heat

Internet service provider

Where we allocate data centers with our internet-backbone we also offer the community a possibility to use our high-quality internet connection